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  Скриншот / Abnormal / ABN – is one of the best French tracker of general direction content. French trackers are always rare and hard to get resources and ABN tracker is also among the TOP list. Its more 3 years old private tracker with good content and clever staff team, so that this source became one of the best French trackers since, has almost 36000 torrents, great pretimes and speeds. There you will really find a lot of freeleech items, most of the torrents come with French subtitles that is really nice for native French people. They have great teams like Killermix, FUJiSAN, also the tracker has good bonus system which is called “chocos” with “choco shop” where you can buy invites or upload credits. So is a great tracker to have, it is more cheaper then famous World-in-HD but has a lot of similar HD material.

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