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  Скриншот / AlphaRatio / AR – is a new private tracker for General / 0-day releases with more than 14K users and more than 30K active torrents. Speeds are very good and all files are supported by good seedboxes but new torrents die quickly. They don’t have bonus points system till now but they have global freeleech most of the year. To use seedbox there you must inform them with some screen shotproofs. Interface is good looking and tracker is well designed but they don’t have anything special rather than all other General / 0-day trackers.

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The tracker has started by a group of working professionals who met on various 0day private trackers. These members tried to manage some other sites like SuperTorrents (StellarWinds) (ST/SW) and AlphaOmega (AO). And now, years later, it was time…time to return from the ashes and garner a community together that once was considered the best of its time. A place where users of all makes and models, from all corners of the Internet could return, to meet other like minded people and embody exactly what it means to have fun sharing!

For every torrent you download, you are required to seed it 72 hours or 1:1 You have up to 10 days (240 hours) in which to meet the time requirement. If this requirement is not met, the torrent will be marked a Hit and Run (HNR). More information on the HNR system will be available shortly.

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