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  Скриншот / Baconbits / BB – is a great general tracker, its based on reddit community. Here is many trackers recruitments also in forum. It is easy to maintain the ratio as there some freeleech packs and a pretty cool bonus system that help users to support good ratio. Baconbits tracker is mostly dedicated to e-learning section and many members consider that BB is the best one in the sens, even better then famous

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Generally Baconbits is a good tracker of type “all-in-one” with more turned to educational material. With a rather few amount of members (~ 6000) the tracker has ~ 40 thousand well-seeding torrents. About a half of the hands is video tutorials, magazines, books and audio books, so this tracker can be called educational as well. The pleasant thing is that any tracker’s torrent more then 10 GB is freeleech, that’s why you don’t have problems with the ratio. If you need a tracker-type all-in-one and moreover wit well-developed educational content, the BaconBits – is what you exactly need!

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