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  Скриншот / Blackcats Games / BCG / Cats – is the largest game tracker and indisputably – the best in the area, where you can find games for all platforms and systems. This popular resource is famous for its nickname of  “Cats”, it won`t let you down and will always give you what you are looking for. From the beginning of the “gamers” era to massive new products of the last days.

It is the resource from where the most of games are spred to warez sites and other torrent trackers. BCG tracker will be very useful for the owners of consoles, because they can find not only the newest games here, but recent additions to them. BlackcatsGames will always be a desirable place for any gamer, because all the games on the “Cats” are working and always have at their patch set for activation or tablet to crack.

If you want to get ahead of all the latest releases of most computer games, the account of “Cats” should definitely be in your gaming arsenal.

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cats_kat tracker is closed, try to choose  another games tracker

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  1. ar /

    blackcats does not exsist anymore

  2. Blayke /

    Ordered from this site after seeing it listed on Google, and communication was quick and helpful and I received my invite with no issues :) make sure to check your spam folder though because all email from them was getting hidden in there! Thanks a lot, will use this site in the future!



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