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  Скриншот / Deli – is a unique, very interesting and the one special private tracker in the network, which is also called “tasty tracker”, it is dedicated to the art of cooking. Despite the fact that some sections of the resource are still in test “alpha” mode, the tracker is rapidly developing and expanding base of torrents. It is performed on the latest version of the engine Gazelle RC2, the site came out almost immediately and was successfully tested by alpha-testers, and it was one of the few times the installation ran almost by default. Tracker is closed, and accessed by invitations only.

Finally, food gourmands have their own place to get together and share cooking recipes, most of which are in the form of e-books in PDF. There is also a section with video film, which is dedicated to gastronomy and the art of cooking. There is even a forum where dedicated craftsmen and curious users can speak about culinary themes and share the secrets of the kitchen, as well as discuss the advantages or disadvantages of certain food. Except of traditional classical sections the resource is rich in special materials about meat or vegetarian cuisine, as well as numerous secrets on a national feature – Mexican, Italian, Georgian cuisine.

In general, if you love to cook and enjoy your meal, or if your work involves cooking food, you just need to access the tracker There you will easily find the classical time-tested recipes and the latest culinary trends.

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deli_kat tracker is closed

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  1. zom /

    is this tracker alive?

  2. Drew /

    Great success — fast transaction and helpful

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    Good and fast transaction.


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