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  Скриншот / Demonoid / Demon – is a famous private torrent tracker, one of the oldest and largest trackers of the network. It was founded in April 2003 by Serbian man under nickname «Deimos». During its existence, the tracker developed rapidly and became the largest private tracker in the world. Demonoid tracker has a general orientation, so it contains practically all subjects of torrents: movies, TV programs and shows, sports, music, cartoons, books, games, software and much more. Its base is huge and contained about 800,000 torrents. Being a very loyal and ratioless tracker Demonoid got to great popularity among fans of the torrent world.

However, due to its vastness and exclusivity the resource constantly persecuted by the regulatory authorities and periodically closed for a while, so that to come back “alive ” on another domain. Recently the tracker was unavailable again but from April 1st, 2014 (no joke) pleased users with its revival – this time on the domain Old logins and passwords are saved, so if you were a participant, you can log into your account with the old password. Also you can buy a cheap invite in our store and join to the community of legendary resource.

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