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  Скриншот / Torviet – is a Vietnamese private tracker of general direction, but it can be translated using Google translate. The former name is Now the tracker is named TorViet that really means Torrents for Vietnamese. It is very good tracker when it comes to HD. It has good encodes for ESiR,EbP,CtrlHD,DON. It also has mHD encodes section for EPiK. First of all, HDVNBits is Vietnamese-only tracker, so if you are foreign then its rather hard to get in. But for native members HDVN is really the best tracker for searching great HD content. Speed iv very good and bonus system is perfect.

The tracker URL:

TorViet is a pretty special site. One site, two trackers running along.
– is a general part of tracker, contains Movies (DVD, DVDR, mHD, but no HD content); Music (only lossy); TV; Games (consoles and PC); Applications.
– HD is the main tracker containing HD material, including 720p, 1080p movies/ TV shows / Music Videos /Anime and Lossless Music. HD contents are always their main target, not games or apps or crap. is just like a ‘back up’ to the main tracker.

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