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  Скриншот / PlanetQ / / PQ – is a very good Spanish private HD tracker mostly dedicated to DVD-R and Blu-ray video material. Especially you can find there a lot of DVD-R, also in authoring called BDVD which is to create a DVD-R using a video source in HD and adding menus and different audio tracks, are magnificent works. This tracker is one the best in the world in its category. We recommend PlaneQ to anyone who likes movies on DVD format, it has a very comfortable and lightweight interface, excellent forum, very good description of your torrents, has just everything!

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Although PlanetQ is a Spanish DVDR tracker but it has lots of English content including HD and DVDR movies. At the moment it tracks more then 45000 torrents and is named the greatest tracker for Spanish movies lovers.  Seeding is easy especially if you have a seedbox, also there are many freeleech torrents.  Content is both English mixed with Spanish. Overall, you will surely like this nice tracker.

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