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  Скриншот / SuperBits / SPB – is a great Sweden tracker of general direction with more then 2000 current torrents and around 2500 users. The members can find really good kinds of releases of different categories from usual films, books, music, cartoons and many more. There can be variety of hands from DVD-R, Bluray to Audio books and Music Videos.

The tracker URL:

If you are from Sweden and like watching Swedish TV, this tracker is the best place for you, because it has a smart collection of Swedish TV series. Scene and non-scene (P2P) can be uploaded as well. P2P releases must stay high, or higher quality than what you would expect from a scene-release. DVD-R must be ISO / IMG. P2P releases must be marked as P2P uploading. And the main is to be active! You risk being downgraded if you have no active torrents. Make sure that your torrent can be seeded in good speed for at least 48 hours.

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