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  Скриншот / UHDBits / UHDB – is a great Vietnamese HD private tracker. It has many encoders in staffs team. And there is one secret: one of them is also an internal team of famous They always choose the best sources and encode very professionally and carefully. Anyway you won’t worry about the quality of UHD’s releases. It has very good internal encoders like TayTO-PIS-EPiK. There is a section for mHD rips. The bonus system is very good and keeping good ratio is quite easy.

The tracker URL:

In spite UHDBits is a pretty new HD movie tracker, anyway you’d like to stay there and wait for their development. And its completely sure you will not regret joining UHD.

Let’s discover some tracker’s features:

1. Famous internal teams – TayTO which is also an internal encoder of HDB, PIS (legend member of EbP team, he also is a superman of EPiK team, you must try to see his releases, very awesome), GFC.

2. High quality content – Remux bluray, 1080p, 720p, mHD and more. By the way UHD’s orientation is only upload internal encode. It means they only accept the best quality (from them or from top list internal encoding tracker). Something likes scene or else will be throw away asap.

3. Audio remux – again with remux, if you are from VietNam, congratulations. Because UHDBits was born in VietNam, so that audio remux in Vietnamese is priority.

4. Community – a separate forum from tracker is awesome. UHD’s staffs have many experiences and reputation in HD encoding and torrent. They also very friendly and love to help members. If you really want you will be able to learn many useful things.

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