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  Скриншот / / XanaX – is very popular and pretty new music tracker, which was first launched with the another name Xanax. This tracker more active and actually has more users than well-known, but fewer torrents, at least when we last saw the stats. However, the amount of torrents grows really daily and people are sure the there will be a future, the largest music tracker on the net.

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After the close of famous, many new trackers appear to follow their legacy. Apollo (XanaX) tracker also runs on the Gazelle tracker software, which was originally developed by the team. The same goes for other, smaller trackers that appeared recently, including the properly named tracker that surfaced a few days ago.

Today XanaX is one of best music tracker with PTH together. The site looks nice, the seeding total is not limited to snatched torrents (completed downloads)?—?the total includes, but is not limited to, your uploaded torrents.
In my opinion the site looks very promising , totally to keep eye for it! Actually they are using a different Stylesheet as default, users can still pick the Stylesheet of their choice. The tracker looks great, and very promising. Music funs love Apollo tracker finding there all the music that they wanted, especially FLACs!

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