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You place an order

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We check availability

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You pay for the invite — we send it to you

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We have been working for more than ten years, many of our customers come back to us with an offer to sell their invites, paying back their investments. But also our team has its own active accounts, fulfills the requirements of a closed site and earns invites.

Basically we do not buy hacked or stolen accounts or invitations.

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In rare cases, despite the high requirements for all parties to the transaction and verified security standards, account locks can occur. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that your account will not cause suspicions of the administration or users of the closed site in the case of your careless statement or behavior.

In controversial situations in which it is difficult to establish the reason for the blockage or the source of compromise, we have the right to refuse to reimburse the cost of the invite.


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Welcome to the best online shop of private trackers

Buy invite or account for any private
torrent tracker you want!

About us

You can enter private torrent-trackers which have the original content by getting an invite. It can be done easily and comfortably on our exclusive online store It`s possible to order any tracker you want or just choose from the presented ones in our online store! Getting an invite for private trackers allows you to download basic enterprise software, informational, juristic and administrative systems.

What is invite?

In our International section trackers it’s easy to gain Italian, Spain, German, France, Asian and other trackers and get access to their exclusive material. Here you can find the best Italian tracker or excellent German trackers – HDCenter,, TSCtracker. It is possible to buy HD-Spain and World-in-HD accounts which is considered almost impossible to receive. Asian segment is represented by well-known trackers AsiaTorrents, AsianDVDclub, HDChina, HDCorea and much more. Entering these trackers lets you download any desired content from the categories music, films, TV, games, software, E-books etc. Exclusive scientific materials, learning courses and programs are provided on educational torrent trackers.


Wide possibilities provided by Invites-Shop can be proved by big work experience and positive feedbacks! New products of online gaming industry, music and video premiers always appear in our internet store as soon as possible! You can also upgrade and lift the statistics of your account easily just asking our support team about this service.


To find and download fast your favorite movies in HD format is not an easy task for the public internet segment. However, the private trackers from our HD-Video section solve this problem perfectly. It is enough to get an invite and sign up on some popular tracker with video content, and you will be able to quickly download and watch any movies and TV shows on any format, including "heavy" original Blu-Ray. The leaders from the category are,,,, which are the most difficult to access and expensive, but they have the greatest releases of nearly all new and the most famous old movies. Also it is worth to note simpler and cheaper tracers such as BeyondHD, HDChina, Totheglory, Bit-hdtv. They belong to the middle level but the statistics is trustworthy and the base of torrents competing with the expensive elite ones. Though invites or accounts for them are inexpensive and are readily available.

Which sites?

Music of all genres and styles can be found due to wide choose of torrent trackers offered in our internet store! If you want to become a part of special culture, to find soulmates – get the invite to the famous tracker! Or get account – exciting world of music with more than 300 000 uploads and high quality sound. Choose any and you will find any album or signer you are looking for! To download electronic music is better to use Trancetraffic invite.

Private blogs

Do not miss the other sections of our store. Invite to the biggest game tracker Blackcats-Games from the section “Games+Sports” is a good gift for any computer gamer, as he will find the largest database of all kinds of computer games for all platforms and devices. Sports enthusiasts will be enjoyed by access to the trackers and MMA-Tracker to find and watch their favorite sporting events, hockey, football matches, records of fighting duels and Formula racing. If you need high-quality video materials or to know about news in science and education – just get an invite to and you will have access to everything! The great contains science literature and books on any subject! You can read the original books, get the news about new science projects when you have a key to whole world library! Welcome to our online shop - the best source to access private trackers!

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