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Section of our shop, “Games + Sports” brings together two similar directions – computer games and sports themes. In the games category are seeking representatives of ever-growing gaming trib, because here are collected private trackers dedicated to the collection and dissemination of computer games of all sizes. Sports fans come to us to buy the invite to a right sports tracker and enjoy watching sports or get access to download your favorite episodes of football and hockey games, combat sports, different translations of the competition in previous years.

On game trackers Blackcats-games and Gazellegames you will find the best selection of computer games for all platforms, consoles and directions. After buying an invite to the game tracker, you won`t need to run to the shops in search of licensed games no more, because in private trackers there are the whole range of games from any manufacturer. For example, the largest Russian tracker or “Tapki” is a resource of known release R.G.Mehaniki group. Invite on Tapki allows you to always have in your games library hottest trends and quality repacks. You also get access to a unique Russian-language forum, where you can in the shortest possible time find the answer to any technical problem.

Invites and accounts for all known game trackers

In Invites-Shop there are always invites and accounts for sale for all known game trackers. Watch more detailed reviews on each product page and you will see that our prices are the most affordable. You can also buy several invites with a good discount, it is necessary only to contact our support team at the contact page. Some sport trackers can satisfy any sports fan, there you can find and watch missed for any reason, recorded sports battles. Read review tracker HD-Sportbits and you will see that it covers all types of sporting events. There are football games, hockey, tennis, billiards and more, and there are many distributions in HD quality. If you are a fan of boxing, MMA and other contact sports, buy an invite to the MMA-Tracker, which is entirely devoted to power martial arts and will allow you to download at any time and see the missed match.

For fans of the cult Formula it is necessarily to buy an invite on tracker. This unique and one-of-a-kind resource – the best place for lovers of car and motor sport, which are laid out in HD quality all known races broadcast of all kinds. Access to this tracker will allow you at any time to watch sports programs in excellent quality on a wide screen. For those who are not indifferent to the word of tennis, football, baseball, hockey, basketball, it’s time to buy an invite on sports tracker and join the countless army of fans behind a blue screen.