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If you want to escape from casual vanity, or to discuss it with someone, to talk about some subjects or just to learn something new – our category “blogs” will help you in this! Here you can buy an invite to the sites for communication or for enrich your knowledge in the field of IT, design, cars, various hobbies. Invites to a blog or forum will help you to spend your time interesting, depending from your desires.

Here are invites to social networks for designers, IT specialists, motorists, musicians, diggers and just curious people. Here you can share your opinions or hear someone else, read the analytical article on a particular subject.

Except private trackers, in our store you can buy invites to private blogs, which are very popular among the fans of having a good time. Here people are going to communities of interest for communication and exchange all kinds of information. The most creative and popular private blog of Runet is famous Leprosorium or Lepra, which constitute the backbone of the witty and educated people who produce high quality content on the site. The unique multi-site (Habr) is home to progressive-minded people to share experiences in the field of high technology and business. It often hang IT specialists, designers, business owners and small businessmen to publish and read advanced news. There are other, no less interesting closed-themed blogs for a certain range of users, such as Dribl ( – for designers and digital artists, Urbantrip ( – Community diggers, stalkers and other travelers through abandoned places of the planet.

Among music blogs or humor in this category is presented content for fearless tourists – diggers, rufers and stalkers – Urbantrip. This project is uncommercial and created in order that people could divided their impressions, findings and experiences in popular industrial tourism.

In this category, it is also possible to find interesting forums dedicated to IT, design and music industry. So if you are a versatile person or a person who wants to broaden their horizons – here you will find an invite, which will allow you to carry out your plans!