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Buy an invite to a music tracker

Musical trackers always been among the most demanded resources and still attract users to search for music albums of different artists. Store of invites Invites-Shop offers a wide range of music trackers to suit all tastes. In the Music section, you can buy an invite or account for any taste and get access to download any music of any quality and all possible genres.

If you’re an advanced user, you know how to keep a good rating, if you have something to offer for the overall upload, then feel free to buy an invite on – the largest and most visited music tracker. It has almost all the music. Tracker and Trancetraffic are easier ones, but also in demand among music lovers who are looking for rare releases and music tracks.

For lovers of music in high quality

Lovers of exclusive high quality music, jazz and blues fans will enjoy the best of this series tracker Xbtmusic, often called Pedro. It assembled the largest collection of rare CDs, and now Pedro is the most popular resource for Lossless music. Another hard-to-get tracker DeepBassNine or DB9 will be enjoyed by fans of the genre of music Dram & Bass and EDM. Get an invite to the DB9 is not easy task, but for motivated buyers our team will find a man who is ready to part with his invite as soon as possible. For electronic and club music should buy an invite on, which is a real treasure for DJs and disco lovers. Despite its modest price, this tracker will allow you to get unlimited access to music distribution of genres trance, techno, house, and others. The presence of an active internal forum will provide an opportunity to discuss urgent problems and get professional help.

It is very important to choose the music genre

Chose genres and preferences and then click on the desired tracker from the list proposed above. Then all you will need is to buy an invite. Most trackers also have the opportunity to buy a pumped account, which is necessarily provided with the original mailbox security.