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Pedro`s music is an elite closed music tracker that has a collection of a music in the best quality.The tracker is famous for its unique content. Among the music lovers, the collection of this VIP-tracker is called Pedro. The tracker collection impresses by its size and highest quality.

Xbtmusic.org / Pedro?s BTMusic /  Pedro – is an elite music tracker, one of the most difficult to access, the highest quality and the most needful in the music world, which is a treasure trove of musical hands in the highest quality – in mostly in LossLess and Vinyl. Among the music lovers, the collection of this VIP-tracker is called Pedro. It contains more than 60,000 exclusive hands that are made only from officially released LPs and CDs.

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The tracker URL:   https://xbtmusic.org/

The formation  of the material on this resource is made with an enviable severity – each distribution contains scanned in high resolution covers, as well as the correct name and prescribed tags. Due to the high requirements, the tracker is famous for its unique content, because only their own disks are allowed and reuploading of wandering through the network repeated hands is banned. Besides that, the uploading material on any other resource without the consent of the uploader is not allowed.

Pedro’s music file cabinet is not limited to compact discs and plates, here you can find numerous assortment of DVD and SACD rips and DVD-V music rips in uncompressed format ISO to especially critical judges` joy. The tracker collection impresses with its diversity by number of musical genres, here you can easily find almost all genres of music. Blues and jazz fans will be especially pleased.

Except of its content and strict rules, the tracker is also known for its original community, the similarity of which is not found on any network share. Mature collectors of musical genres gather here. In general, if you’ve been looking for a place where you can always find your favorite music in the highest quality, you will not find anything better than the tracker Xbtmusic.org.

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