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TorrentLeech is one of the largest famous closed trackers of general specialization with great base of content. On its list you can find movies, music, games. books, software, animation etc. It is also one of the fastest torrent tracker. / Torrentleech / TL – is one of the largest closed scene-trackers of general direction with a large audience (over 215 000 people) and an impressive base of material – more than 45000 torrents. For those who have no idea about Torrentleech, we should mention, that the TL – is ALL-IN-ONE, it is the tracker with the time and date of appearance of the release on the stage, with a huge community, through which it is not difficult to support the rating. It should be mentioned that Torrentleech entered the list of the 50 most needfull resources in 2010. Among the other categories of Torrentleech – there is music, games, movies, books  animation, software and more.

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The tracker TorrentLeech characterized not only easy facility of access, it has also the main advantage – high rate appearance of torrents. Not surprisingly, it is considered as one of the fastest torrent trackers. An impressive audience of more than 200 000 people basically floods to the TL scene releases with wide variety of categories. Fans of the video also rejoice – there are a lot of movies, TV shows and games. In addition, you can often find a redownloads from such famous trackers like HDBits, CHDBits, HD-Torrents.

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