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TorrentTech is a large tracker which main specialization is an electronic dance music of high quality. Tracker is well organized in the form of forum with categories and groups.The tracker is perfect to fans of fresh electronic music and of the muusic from the past years. / Torrentech /  TT – is the largest tracker with a seven-year experience and fresh techno music and other dance genres. The main specialization of the resource – is a high-quality electronic music. It is possible to download the tracks of past years and the trends of the year. Tracker is well organized, it is made in the form of a forum where everything is divided into categories and groups, and you can easily find a lot of useful material on music. Among other things, there is also an information about setting up radio stations, handy diary and even online store.

There are different types of distribution, from V0 to Flac. Most of the rare releases downloaded from Beatport and similar sites. An invite to Torrentech will allow you to access these compositions. The tracker is highly recommended to fans of fresh electronic music.

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Categories of the tracker

Houst – oldskool, progressive, deep, latin, tribal, french, disco, acid

Techno – detroit, minimal, acid, electro, schranz, tech-house, dub-techno, italian, swedish, german

Trance – oldskool, goa, psy, progressive, euro, acid, tech-trance, rave

Pop – oldskool, synthpop, eurodance, acid-jazz, electro-rock hybrids

Breakbeat – oldskool, drum & bass, breaks, jungle, hardstep, big beat

Dubstep – dubstep, UK garage, grime

Downtempo – lounge, jazzy, leftfield, trip-hop, dub

TorrenTech invites available for 20 $

Buffered TorrenTech accounts available for 30 $

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  1. Shah

    are these still in stock? please confirm so I can buy one today

    • admin

      TorrenTech invites available in the stock. You can send the request.

  2. fdsf

    fdsf my email is

  3. fdsf

    ill give u an for free, just email me. doesent check the email alot any longer so may take some time, but you will get it deffinetly !!

  4. TheProtector

    Very professional quick service. Recommended!!

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