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  Скриншот / BeyondHD / BHD – is one of the greatest private trackers with perfect HD video material, it was on the domain some time ago. This tracker has recently changed its website address from to and now it has a much better, more friendly layout. Thier interface is beautiful and sophisicated around other websites. The resource itself looks as though it has been designed by an expert with years of experience.

The tracker URL:

Due to the relatively wellknew old websites the collection of torrents BHD at the moment can seem low. Although that isn’t to say they don’t have a lot of torrents they are still in the process of re-uploading and transfering torrents across to the new website. If your a person that prides themselves on an extremely high definition collection of Movies and selected TV shows then this is the tracker for YOU! With a large range of movies and a continuous release of new content there is always a movie suitable for you. Even if your don’t want to download a 20Gb movie there are a wide variety of movies in different formats and encodings.

BHD tracker have no only movies and TV shows but they also offer some original soundtracks of movies which is pretty nice as well. If you become a VIP on this website you get access to HQ video streams of recent movies and torrents which is a really cool feature to have. So try to get invite in our shop and you will not be upset!

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