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  Скриншот / Bittorrentfiles / BTF – is the best German private tracker of general direction, shortly speaking the tracker having content “all in one”. Truly saying it is not like the overrated TS tracker but BTF has a pile of material that completele satisfy magority of German comunity. You can find there movies, TV series, music, application, games, documentaries and much more, even XXX section with exclusive german stuff.

The tracker URL:

Well Bittorrentfiles is a high lovly tracker with good speeds and a lot of content. You will find release groups, that are active and of course retired groups. At BTF it’s not that hard to maintain your ratio because of the seedpoints system. It is really recommend tracker for all user who want a german general resource.

The only problem is the closed invite sytem. They opened it this year a few days ago for 24h. So to get in you can buy buffered account in our shop. It is not so expensive for such excellent tracker.

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