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  Скриншот / BlueTigers / BT – is a great Quebec tracker of general direction. This is pretty new tracker with friendly interface and mainly French content. So, BlueTigers is the best choice to register in a francophone community. By the way, if you are not so professional, this tracker is very useful for beginners who wants to discover the private trackers world and they will take easily their first steps on BlueTigers. For others, this tracker has some exclusive content and may be useful.

The tracker URL:

The ratio is not useful, you will just need to pay attention to the H&R. This tracker is strict only for torrents. If you upload a medium or bad quality torrent, it will be removed. About members… You will be banned only if you flame or if you do really bad things. Just take a look to the stats uploaded/downloaded stats. tracker is no working any more

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  1. Mark /

    Please note that is tracker is (sadly) now closed.


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