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  Скриншот / ComicBT / CBT – is a unique private tracker that is dedicated to digital comics, one of the few in comics category. CBT is very good for getting complete packs of comic series. They have an awesome collection of comics and their download speeds are pretty good in general. With good content being uploaded at a very fast rate and is well seeded, make this tracker one of the best comic related tracker in the net with over 5500 Memebrs and 17000 Torrents.

The new tracker URL:

Generally it is a great tracker if you are interested in comic books and similar stuff. This tracker offers not only comic books but also TV series, movies, games and much other stuff related to comic books. You can see that by looking at the huge category list below. Power users and upper class users get invites but in some occasions staff may give few invites to user class users as well.

Its rare to find an unique tracker just for comic books. You can find comic books related stuff from some general trackers, DDL forums. But those trackers and forums don’t have a wide category list for comic books stuff like this tracker. That’s why someone who looks for comic books would love about this tracker. Tracker also has a request page. Most of the requests will be filled quickly. For a new tracker like CBT that’s a very good sign.

Categories of the tracker


ComicBT tracker has moved to another place 32Pages

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