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Screenshots: / dcdnet – is a closed private online community of musical orientation. The users form a vast library of information about music artists, albums, genres of music, and other information. On the site you can easily download your desired album, as well as communicate in a friendly blog with other music fans. Among the genres  of the blog – there is Metal, Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Sound-Track, Blues, Country, Classical and more for every taste.

The site works under the scheme of temporary ftp storage for music releases. Community members point to the music that they have and which they want to share with others. The avid find the desired albums and leave a request to the owner, then the owner of the album uploads it on the FTP and within one month the album is available for downloading to everyone, not just the query.

It is not recommended to fill albums without requests, because of the limited space on the FTP, so there is a vast tape where the owners of music are announcing their wealth, and wishing to find it immediately appear in the comments.

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