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  Скриншот / found / faund — is the world famous private site, where the users communicate with each other with their graphic findings, spicy photos, cartoons, beautiful scenery and just interesting pictures. This web-based service is an inexhaustible source of inspiration that will help you to find people, who share your views in the field of photography, drawing, painting or graphics.

To become a member of the service is very difficult – you can access it only with an invite (invitation), which is now almost impossible to find. Therefore, the “Register” button on the home page is defiantly crossed. Most of the participants are compulsive meditators of photos and pictures, that are jealous of other people’s abilities to love these pictures as they do. In other words, ffffound is a service for the elite, who love beautiful images with passion, so the basis of the local community is the proven people related to the industry of beauty. And visitors generally tend to select some good publications for themselves.


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  1. ricardocamara /

    I would love to get a ffffound account!


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