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  Скриншот / FnT – is a pretty new great French HD tracker which has large HD material base. Almost all files uploaded are their internal groups and with French audio only. So it would be the best HD tracker for French people. The site has many HD video categories like 1080P, 720P, BluRay. Also it is available Doc, Anmie, Music and TV stuff sections.

The tracker URL:

FnT encoders are very great in terms of quality and size. The resource has about 30K active torrents and 6K active members. FnT is a ratioless tracker, here you are requested to seed files for at least 48 hours after your download completes. They have some torrents with special FL logo, this means that if you downloaded any of these torrents, it won’t occupy for allowed download slots while other files will use your allowed slots. You have the inclusion of 2 download slots, meaning that you can not download more than 2 streams simultaneously, the system is fully automatic. You can take as many torrents you want, but only two will be active in your client, the third example will start automatically when the first is finished. This allows to regulate the flow for you and for us if you are on the site, the number of slots will also change. Speeds and Pre-times are very good and all torrents are supported by seedboxes. They have bonus points system which is used to buy invitations and extra features.

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Invites to tracker available for 45 $

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