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  Скриншот / Hdbits / HDB – is the most famous, the biggest and most difficult to get HD-tracker in the network that contains a huge collection of original Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs. Community of the tracker – this is the true connoisseurs of quality and exclusivity, which fill the resource by an excellent content. That is why the tracker contains a large number of releases from the best release groups such as Esir, Don, PerfectionHD, CtrlHD etc. Among the categories of the site –  there is exclusive movie news, HD/1080p videos, movies, TV shows, audio tracks, music, XXX- section, a collection of codecs, and more. Second quality records are not accepted, all materials on the tracker have an excellent quality. – is synonymous with quality and exclusivity. In order to get on the tracker you only need an invite, and to get it is extremely difficult, what explains the high cost of the resource. Invites can be issued only by the administration and a small selected group of VIP users who are primarily English-speaking audience.

If you are the fan of high-quality video and you want to have exclusive content in your archive, do not skimp, purchase an invite or account to the world’s best HD-tracker and you will become a part of the closed community of HD-video fans from the whole (all over the) world.

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  1. FMS /

    Is this available?

  2. Torob /

    Invites available for purchase?

  3. veor /

    I will trade a 1 year old Bengal cat for an invite!!

  4. sotiris /

    i am trading an torrentleech invite for hdbits invite

  5. stathis /


    i need invite to me for the

    have you any ?
    thanks alot

  6. Jose /


    Please send a prtscr of the latest dvd available in this tracker. Thanks …

  7. Musi /

    I hade an account on this site/tracker, but i didnt use it for a long time, and i see i cannot login anymore, its a chance to recover the account? Thank you.

  8. drentje /

    if it is possible to have an invite for hdbits

    i wil be happy

    greetz drentje

  9. john /

    I am a user of many tracker (torrent) and i have a good upload for shering my torrent and i have a good ratio to mt all trackers.

    I want to asc you if you give me one invite for the ?
    i am a good person and i alwais shering my torrents
    thanks an i hope to have a positive answear.

    have a nice day

  10. Muthu /

    Would like to purchase an invite.kindly let me know how to purchase it.

  11. Caner /

    invite me to HDbits pls :)

  12. w00t /

    is it possible to have an invite for hdbits please ?

  13. mikemt /

    I need an account


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