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  Скриншот / MySpleen / MS – is a private torrent tracker dedicated to old videos and TV releases from many different categories like TV, Comedy, Animation, 80-90 VHS, Nostalgia, Cartoons. Here are typical examples of the material that can be found on this tracker: Courage the Cowardly Dog, Star Wars, Johnny Bravo, The Dexter Lab, Hey Arnold! And many more. It is really excited, isn’t it?

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MySpleen tracker has a lot of different content, you can find there almost any series you want. Most of the torrents are rips (encodes) but they also have many DVD5, DVD9 and many Full BDs. To maintain the ratio is not so difficult since the best way to make the good stats is leaving many torrents seeding. The resource has almost 25k torrents with an important number of DVDs. The MySpleen community is very active, helpful and friendly,  most requests are filled quite quickly.

Looking at the tracker’s main page, you can see some piece of their advertising by itself: “We are largely a group of comedy and cartoon fans that have found each other through various means on the internet. We are here to share and discuss the TV shows, bootlegs, tapes, and DVDs that we enjoy.”

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