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  Скриншот / PrivateHD / PHD – is a great bittorrent site for sharing High Definition video (HD Video). All the material there is only in high quality with good pretimes and speeds. The resource mostly tracks Movies and TV Shows categories. The Movies and TV shows quality is of 720p, 1080p and even some releases of 2160p.

The tracker URL:

PrivateHD tracker can be got with invites only but sometimes they open their registrations during weekends. Speed is good and they also have a large and active friendly community. They currently have around 70K users and 5K high quality torrents. There is  a lot of freeleech torrents and it will make easy to build a good ratio, so even newers and noobs can feel free with that tracker.  It also has a subtitles section where the users can find the subtitles for different TV and Movies torrents.

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  1. jc /

    Is this still available?
    And may I know PHD have korea drama resource?

  2. Robert /

    Is this still available

  3. skaar /

    is this still available

  4. Michael /

    so to clarify this actually works

  5. Shhh /

    Just want to say i bought and received my account.


  6. Leo /

    Is this still available?

    • admin /

      Privatehd invites and accounts available in the stock

  7. Thiago /

    Its Avaiable?

  8. DaviD3141 /

    Which is better for full BluRay REMUX torrents of movies: PrivateHD or PassThePopcorn (or …)?


    • DaviD3141 /

      Or where is more BluRay REMUXES of movies (PrivateHD/PassThePopcorn/…)?


  9. CS /

    Is this still available?

  10. 20rki /

    still available

  11. Riskos /

    Are these still available?

  12. Josh /

    Is this an account or an invite to create an account?

  13. Daniel /

    Is this still available?

  14. Kyle /

    How long does this invite last for?


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