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  Скриншот / Theplace / TP – is quite interesting and narrow educated tracker, where is collected useful information for those who are actively interested in their own self-improvement. Material of the tracker essentially makes the life easier and helps to those, who want to learn how to dress well, do tricks, psychologically entice your opponent’s side and components of other art NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). In other words, the content of the resource belongs to the domain of knowledge and practice that can model the success and effectiveness of the person. Among other things, on the site you can download many interesting practical recommendations from categories such as self-defense, the art of dating and seduction secrets to good sex, magic, hypnosis and more.

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  1. Hello, is this still available?

    • admin /

      Yes, Theplace invites available in the stock.

  2. silvanus paul /

    is it still available

  3. Alexxx /

    Still available?

  4. Traxxx /

    Hi is this still valid?

  5. Vlad /

    Do you even has the invites to the sites? Screenshots are four years old. Tracker Theplace is on new adress already lol.

  6. catalin voinea /

    Still interested in an invite.

    How can I get one

    Please let me know.


  7. catalin voinea /

    How can I get an invite?

  8. Mike /

    I also want

  9. Misho / account please


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