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  Скриншот / Waffles — is a musical private tracker, created like on the wake of closing OiNK and perhaps one of the most quality music trackers. At Waffles the main content that can be found is, indeed, music. But other neat stuff can be found, also, such as applications for Windows, Mac and Linux, audiobooks and E-books, E-learning videos and other material for enjoy.

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Waffles offers a very large range itself. The main format everybody is looking for is V0, a lossy format, that is not a very large size, but, still, has some quality. But for the people that like high quality music, you should know that is the best. The users can find plenty music of “heavy” FLAC format and the tracker has a special category for the best of the best.

Tracker exists for music lovers, who often share much music, preferably FLAC. In fact, as the tracker, waffles is intended to bring people together from all over the world, who have large collections of music. Among the users of the tracker the Russian rank second place after the Americans. On avatars are allowed or as a tasty meal ( wafer, cakes ), or cute little animals (bears,  kittens, etc.) invite will be sent on your email and let you get into the tracker with great base of music. Invites are distributed to power users twice a month. To become a Power User you must have a rating of not less than 1.05, download 5Gb, upload 25Gb. Points during the seeding are not given. Sometimes there is is halfleech (all of downloaded content is counted as half of the traffic).

Categories of the tracker

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