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  Скриншот / x264 – is HD tracker that focuses exclusively on films and television, made using the popular codec x264 (hence the name). The focus here is on DVD-Rips, where HD resolution ranges from 576p to 1080p. Since its founding, here has been cared about quality, not quantity, so now on the tracker is compiled an impressive archive of high-quality video – movies and TV programs. Each torrent contains a full-size screenshots, the exact specifications as the staff are quite sensitive about the rules of quality control. Joining the tracker is only by invites, never been opened, and it seems to be anymore.

The tracker URL:

And some nice features of the tracker. Almost half of the torrents are made ??its internal decoders, the rest – without ranking – freeleech (counted only upload). Bonus system is designed so that helps users with slow connections, considering the amount of your torrents, so it’s actually earn almost 30 GB of downloads per week. There is a comprehensive search for torrents on tags IMDb, genre, director, actor, film title, keywords, and more.

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  1. steven /

    Is this site still up and running? I dont even get to the login site. says problem loading page at Is it I know it has changed from .eu before


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