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  Скриншот / 32Pages / 32P – is a great private tracker also known as ComicBT in the past. Since ComicBT is down they moved to Gazelle based tracker and now the site is full of new features. Actually 32Pages is the largest torrent tracker for comics in the world. Really the tracker has about 20,000 torrents and the majority is of course comics.

The tracker URL:

An account on 32Pages site is a good purchase, because having it you should not think any more where to download new issues of your favorite magazines about the adventures of superheroes. You just go to the tracker, look for things that you need, downloaded searched torrents, launch the reader CBR (CBR – the special format of the comic books). And in the finish – you enjoy the comics in excellent quality. And the quality is really cool, no worse than the print edition. 32Pages tracker is also has much comics book in PDF and JPG formats.

Just look at some of the figures on the examples of comics creaters and the number of comics. It is really impressive information, isn’t it?
•   Marvel – ~4000 torrents;
•    DC – ~2700 torrents;
•    Dark House – ~1600 releases;
•    Image Comics – ~1500 torrents;
•    Other companies – more 10 000 releases.

Invite on tracker is a real treasure for lovers of comics who is closely connected with this kind of art. Even if you just have a large collection of printed comics having this resource with thousands electronic data seems not bad, doesn’t it? So, never hesitate, just go to our shop and buy invite to 32Pages of comics vault.

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