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  Скриншот / Goem – a quite rare and hard-to-get tracker, which mostly contains films of all genres and categories, ranging from TV and VHS and ending with “heavy” Blu-Ray. The fact that the site is mainly dedicated to the movies, you can make reading abbreviation of the tracker as GOEM means Garden Of Eden Movies.

The tracker URL:

Indeed, getting on the tracker, you will see that is a great site with very different movies.  There you can find an awesome community and plenty of content at good speeds. An important “highlight” of this tracker is a private collection of movies rated by MDB. This is a very popular rating system that provides a list of the best art films of the world, which is formed by visitors’ values. In addition to the basic universal list, MDB provides individual ratings by genre, decades, and the age and sex of voters.

Despite the quite simple surface of the trackers, the content appeals not only to fans of the movie, because except movies you can find documentary television programs, sports and entertainment topics. Although primarily a movie tracker, Goem also has a sizable collection of TV series. It has a very clean and organized template which makes navigation a breeze. The site also will appreciate your by sane administration and friendly users.

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