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  Скриншот / HDChina / HDC – is a new Chinese HD tracker which is reborn from old and later was In fact, at the moment HDChina is the best Chineese tracker with HD content. It has about 12.000 torrents and about 3.000 users. And the base grows up every day.

The tracker URL:

The tracker contains a huge collection of HD video torrents and is known for its quick releases of original Blu Ray discs, so it is often possible to find a unique distribution, which is not even on the famous A suitable feature of the resource is the large number of gold (free) torrents, so that the rating is easy to keep because of freeleech or discounts 30-50% by hand.

There is an English interface to choose from, so the resource is growing in popularity, at the moment the number of users has exceeded 55,000 and it is not the limit. If you are a fan of HD video and you often look for unique Blu Ray discs, the account must be present in your arsenal.

See also other similar Chinese HD trackers: (TTG)  or

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