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  Скриншот / Libble / LIB – is a great ratio free music tracker and has a lot of mainstream content, especially the indie genre on it. It is a great tracker to get music without worrying about a ratio. The tracker is ratioless with an amazing promotion system (share ratio system). This is a small yet efficient tracker. It is not huge as compared to or but its not bad either. Libble tracker is more like a small community where everyone is active and believes in sharing.

The tracker URL:

Some other things you should know about the tracker. is a Gazelle based tracker. So searching for an album in a particular format is very simple. It might seem confusing at first though. Inside forums are very active. Their help section is where you can always go for help. They also have an album review section where you can post as well as check for album reviews. Everyone is allowed to upload but go through their uploading rules before you try uploading anything else there. Most of the content uploaded here is in FLAC, mp3 320 or V0.

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