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  Скриншот / Lztr – is a unique in its kind and the only private tracker, which is dedicated exclusively soundtracks. And here are not only audio materials of well-known rock groups, the tracker contains a lot of original soundtrack (OST) from many popular movies, anime, classical and jazz music, as well as the famous and not so TV shows and even computer video games. So if you just have liked the music from watched film and you don’t know where to find it, invite to will give you access to a huge database of film soundtracks and using the convenient search system, you will quickly find the desired file.

The vast majority of audio material is recorded in the highest quality, using the popular lossless codec FLAC (Free LossLess Audio Codec). And despite the fact that the size of music files to get more than mp3, the audio quality is excellent. There are more than 15,000 torrents in a constantly growing database of the tracker, ranging from the most popular and well-known soundtracks and ending with extremely rare that you can find only here.

Except traditional topics, the site has a pretty interesting headings, for example – a collection of  “Best Soundtracks 2012”, where the results are presented with 20 top rated music tracks for the entire 2012. Downloading this torrent, you will appreciate its content and quality – the music will be a pleasure to hear.

Overall – a great musical OST tracker with good content and a fairly liberal rules. Rating keep pretty easy – just seed that you have downloaded and no problemst arise. Like for most private trackers you can access to only by invitation (invite), which you can purchase in our store.

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  1. Nicolas /


    I would be interested in an invite for LzTr tracker but i’d have some questions :

    – Is it a true invitation sent to my personal email (not an email address already carrying an account) and i know from which member the invite comes ? I know that on that kind of tracker the managers are curious and ask many questions on why XXXX gave the invite, chere did i met him etc etc.
    – Is it safe ? i mean by that, i don’t want to buy the invite, use it and be banned after 1 month if they are suspicious.



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