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  Скриншот / PassThePopcorn / PTP – is the largest private tracker, devoted exclusively to movies, this is a leader in the number and variety of films in different formats and quality – from CAMRips and TS to BD-Disc. Tracker has a high seeding at the top of world resources, its database has more than 50,000 torrents, and it’s not the limit, as it is constantly updated with new films of different genres. Here you will find new items and classic cinema for everyone: comedy, action, science fiction, biography, crime, mystery, sports, art house, romance and more. It is worth noting that the tracker has an impressive number of Russian films.

PTP invite lets you understand why many users consider PassThePopcrn the best of film tracker, a kind of movie like musical analogue And it is really so. Almost any movie, you are looking for, will be in the tracker’s film library, and you will find not only new movies, but the films of the 19th and 20th centuries. The filing movies is very comfortable and has a friendly interface making it easy to find the right material. To hold rating is easy, as a lot of hands marked as freeleech.

If you love movies, getting an invite to the tracker PTP, you will find yourself in the world of cinema, where is collected and systematized the broadest collection of movies that will delight not just an ordinary film fans, but also fanatical film fans.

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  1. oujing /

    Do you have this invitation?

  2. Kristoffer /

    I want to buy an invite to pass the popcorn. Contact me on

    • admin /

      Just send a request for invite and you will get detailed information

  3. Robert /

    Am willing to pay the 75$ for PTP is legit above. Anyone have one or can vouch for rhis? Thank you in advance.

  4. thevisitor967 /

    Looking for a PTP invite. Please contact me if you have one.

    • admin /

      PTP invite is very hard to get and expensive now.

  5. Eric /

    Hello, hope your day is going well, was interested in the cost for a PassThePopcorn invite? Thank you very much for your time.

  6. Brandon Waters /

    Are invites still available?

  7. Kar /

    i have invite 6
    skype Discuss98

  8. saicharan /

    Hi, Looking for the PTP(passthepopcorn) invite,
    let me know if you have one and the price of it.

  9. pumpkinglantern /

    would like to have PTP invite, contact me if there’s invites left

    • gizmo9000 /

      hello where is it possible to get an invitation to PassThePopcorn

  10. Patrick Roy Lapratte /

    I want to purchase PTP invite please… I am a mojor seeder for many more private trackers. Please let me know if you have one and feel generous!

    Thank you guys.

  11. James /

    Huge film buff studying film at Uni.
    Any chance to get an invite? Just heard about this and sounds incredible
    my email is

  12. lazyman /

    Would like to purchase an invite for PTP please. Been a major seeder for various private trackers that keep going down. big movie-buff. please let me know if any invites are left.

    Thank you


  13. robert ferrari /

    your site looks very intersting and useful for me

  14. Danish /

    Need a PTP invite. Can pay via PayPal or other modes.

  15. FireEmblems /

    Any available ptp invites?

  16. hamed /

    Someone has an invitation to sell?

  17. Tekno /

    Will they open again soon? Willing to pay big money for one. Bitcoin Paypal or Bank Transfer

  18. xiaoxiao /

    ptp invite available?
    how much?
    payment by paypal or bitcoins also can.

    • admin /

      PTP invites is currently closed, seems for long time.

  19. Oliver /

    Hey. I’m a movie lover with already a nice collection. I use a seedbox. I’m willing to join the PTP community to share my collection and find new gems. I could pay with paypal. Best regards.

  20. mohaned /

    Is it an invite or account ?
    What’s the guarantee?
    Time to deliver after payment ?

  21. ldiam /

    Is it an invite or account ?
    What’s the guarantee?
    Time to deliver after payment ?
    That ‘s all my questions for now .
    Lookin’ forward to your reply

  22. pibi /

    interested to buy a passthepopcorn invite.
    can pay with paypal.

    best regards

    • Rainbowandshadows /

      Are you still interested in buying a PTP account? Please respond to this comment if you’re interested.


      • Cagzz03 /

        hey there!I’m interested.Lookin forward to your reply.

        • admin /

          Hi, PTP invites is currently available in the stock. Just send a request.

  23. Tom Flus /

    I would like to purchase passthepopcorn invite. I have a seedbox with 1gbps up/down. Can pay via PayPal.

  24. Michael Myers /

    I would like to purchase a passthepopcorn invite.

    I have a Dedicated 100 Mbps seedbox…

    I could pay by PayPal..


  25. eddy /

    i would like to purchase passthepopcorn invite
    and i will pay by paypal

  26. Gary /

    I would like to buy a passthepopcorn


  27. Johnny /

    I would to purchase a passthepopcorn
    Would you be willing to go lower onthe price at all?


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