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Secret-cinema is a tracker where you are able to find old and rare, obscure movies. Here is a lot of genres represented on the tracker. Also you get other categories as TV serials, e-books, audio books, cartoons, documentaries, fantasy and a radio. / Secret-cinema / SC – is a good tracker were you can find old, rare and obscure movies from different ganres. This tracker is well suited for people who like to watch classic Hollywood and genre films. Except of classic movies the tracker also contains other interesting categories such as audio and e-books, TV serials, documentaries, cartoons, fantasy and even a radio broadcast. You will surely find some interesting stuff for yourself.

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Along with other similar trackers like Karagarga or Cinematic, this site has the best collection of old and rare films. Totally, the tracker can provide you more than 25,000 exclusive perfect torrents. And moreover, each day the Secret-Cinema updated with 5-10 new films.

The unusual specific of the is a having “silent movie”, cult and classic films, arthouse and similar genres. Here you can find a great base of movies 20s, 30s, 40s in HD quality. Also there are popular movies from 50-80’s years. Getting an invite to secret-cinema you will access to a unique base of soundtracks to rare films that impossible to find anywhere else.

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Find this invite cheaper in our community