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TTG is a biggest private Chinese tracker which is well known by acces to HD movies and games, but it is not all cause it has general orientation. One of its advantiges is english interface that is also included. / TorrentGui / / TTG – is a good private Chinese tracker of general orientation, which is mostly known for dispensing quality HD movies and computer video games. English interface is also included. TTG originally specialized in video games, but now the site has expanded its base material, and also keeps track of software, movies, documentaries, console games.

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The tracker URL:

This great and the biggest Chinese tracker has popular internal encoders like: WiKi – Official Blu-ray encoding group, NGB – Official HD recording & encoding group, DoA – Official HD recording & encoding group, BDClub – Official Blu-ray Disc Club, OoKU – Official Music commune.

The tracker has an impressive collection of high-resolution video and here is the place for several groups of p2p coders, including one of the best teams “WiKi”, which is involved in the release schedule for Hdwing (former Hdchina) and is known for exceptionally high-quality releases. TTG consists of two main sections, one of which is television, music and media, and the other is games and software. It is very easy and excepts confusion.

On the resource there are a lot of exclusive releases from well-known bands such as Wiki, NGB, BD.Club, the Ooku, TLF-the miniSD, PHD, mFANs, CMCT, BPMWell. Currently the tracker is about 50,000 torrents, eight of which – are the games and software, and the rest – multimedia. User base – more than 36,000 people and is constantly expanding, as the tracker has a good popularity. In general. TorrentGui – is good Chinese HD tracker with good speed and good content.содержанием.

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    Hi, can you sent me the details for the payment method?

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      Check your email.

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    I would like to know how the process of buying a invite ?

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