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TorrentShack – cool tracker of general direction. Here is no ratio, so it is easy for newcomers to upload or download anything. They have a lot of categories with different content in each one. Pre times are excellent an the seeding for every torrent is good! / TorrentShack / TSH – is one of the best and coolest general ratioless scene/0day tracker. This tracker has a very steady userbase and many torrents. The tracker is ratioless and pre times are very good. This means no Upload counted, no download counted, and no hit’n’run rules. They have a wide section of categories and the browsing page has many new features and it’s very easy to search for content with many easy-to-find browsing options.

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This tracker is a very good content and a nice community. Pre times excellent and many seeders are there for each torrent. They have an autobot for all important sections and the pre times are really good. Staff is nice and you will find a lot of content there. The site layout is clean and nice with no ads and other annoying stuff.

Anyway if you buy invite for TsH site you will get to awesome fantastic ratioless 0day tracker, excellent pre-times, nice place to entertain.

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Invites to available for 45 $


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Find this invite cheaper in our community