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  Скриншот / Polishtracker / PT – is the most famous and popular Polish tracker from the category of all-in-one, the best for those who are interested in just the Polish material. Tracker was founded in 2004 and since that time has accumulated an impressive collection of releases, which already has about 50,000 torrents and the number of users has exceeded 20,000 long ago. On the resource is possible to use three languages ??- Polish, English and German, so there are not problems with lack of understanding the material for the users.

The tracker URL:

There is a suitable search system. It allows you to filter out the unnecessary quickly and select the material on specific criteria. For example, you find only polish material, or on the contrary – not Polish. New releases appear very quickly, so PolishTracker is one of the fastest international scene tracker in the world.

Naturally, PolishTracker is ideal for those who are learning the Polish language or going to visit Poland, because you can find a lot of material of the Polish matter – movies, TV shows, and music. It is rather difficult to get an invite now. Only the administration of tracker and a small group of VIP users have it. So in some cases, the problem of getting the resource can be solved by the acquirement an account that is different from the invite only by a given the nickname.

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