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  Скриншот / Proaudiotorrents / PAT – is private tracker that specialized in subjects “how to make music”, not music itself! You will find a large base of different samples here. Have a look at the categories screen as well. PAT has grown rapidly over the last years, and it is still doing well. You can upload your own torrents here, like at most music trackers. There is also a nice request section.

If you are a professional DJ or just like to make music, this is really your best site! We recommend that you attempt to get an invite to this tracker. Also, the programs are there as well for sound editing and a whole bunch of advanced material that would require for music man to do some extensive reading to understand. The tracker is rich in samples of various kinds of video tutorials, books and updates regarding the creation of music. Proaudiotorrents will be useful for beginners as they can start learning from video courses, and for pro who will only be able to improve their skills. Generally the PAT – is a place where music is born.

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