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  Скриншот / Shazbat / TVT –
renewed TVT tracker, which is the oldest TV torrent private tracker in the network! Design of Shazbat really impresses with it’s difference from other trackers of this type. Here you won’t find a lot of encode or formats for one show, cause usually it is just TV-Rips, but everyday uploads and awesome pre times make this tracker really desired and popular one! Popular on such trackers ratio system is not present here, but the credit system is, so it will be hard for you to find a lot of leechers. Anyway, download and upload speed are really high!

The tracker URL:

Without donation you probably won’t survive here because of low number of members. If you have 0 credits on your balance you won’t be able to download anything. Credit system here looks like 1 euro is approximately  1GB of download. invites available for 45$

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