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Thebox is a tracker specialized on UK tv series. It is useful for those who learn English as they can find interesting TV programs and films with original soundtracks. You`ll also get an active forum and staff that is always ready to help. / Thebox / – is a TV tracker, specialist on UK tv series. News, soaps or even sports, anything from UK, you will get it here immediately. Regular sign-ups are opened quite frequently and loads of invites are given to its member. You can say joining this tracker is not that difficult at all. The Cappers and Uploaders are very active, pretimes of UK show are really fast. U will find very rare awesome classic series which u wouldn’t find anywhere else. Forums are also active with some amazing Staffs who are always there to help.

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But in september 2013 this amazing site closed its door. All users thought that Thebox is closing but actually they changed their domain and invited only respectable members to the new tracker . The newtracker contains the same data as before nothing has changed the new thing is that no noobs are allowed. new site is called they tuck a round 35.000 former members from the old thebox site.

New URL of Thebox:

The site is very useful for people who learn English as here can find a lot of interesting TV programs and feature films with original soundtracks. Here you will find really unique things of classic British cinema, witch to find elsewhere is not possible. Among the categories tracker – sitcoms, documentaries, films for children, mystery, sports, music and more.

Categories of the tracker


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Find this invite cheaper in our community