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TNtracker – huge German tracker where you can find content of all types like Movies, Blurays, TV-series, XXX and even anime. You can easily navigate here using Google translate and keep a good ratio due to binus system and loot of freeleech. / TNtracker / TNT – is one of the biggest German private trackers of general direction, named also as Torrent Network. It has a huge base of material from different categories, most of them are Movies, TV series, BluRays, Games, Music and more other. Also you can find some exclusive sections with XXX video and anime.

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The tracker URL:

Interface is in German but can be managed well with google translate to English or another language. The community is fairly active. Keeping good ratio is very easy due to great bonus system and lots of freeleech torrents. Most content is also German but you can find international releases as well. Generally TNtracker is a great variant for German people to find some popular content.

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Find this invite cheaper in our community