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TS-tracker – German general tracker, one of the best an well known ones. Speed here is really well. You can also see informations about seeds and peers amount anytime, cause all of users periodically report to the tracker information about their activity.

TS-Tracker / TStracker.biz / Torrent-Syndikat – is the greatest and fastest popular German tracker of general direction. TST is a high level tracker with amazing speeds and excellent anti cheat protection. The two well known groups “iNCEPTiON” and “TSCC” call TS-tracker their home tracker.

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The tracker URL:  https://torrent-syndikat.org/eing.php

In spite of mostly German content the tracker has a demand and plenty of requests in the English world. Since it includes much English material, even exclusive and scene content with good pretimes and speeds. New torrents you always get with full speed, because there are a lot of webseeder most times and the most of the members have seedboxes.

As you can see on categories picture below this tracker provides a variety of material, especially large movies collection of different genres and quality. Some torrents are Freeleech and the download from “High Definition” category count as 50%. If you have some problem, there are several groups on the tracker, which can help you with movie and music content. Also the tracker has interesting device – his own Radio-Stream.

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