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  Скриншот / Bitspyder – is a rapidly gaining popularity and audience education tracker, which is already  bypassing its competitors. The resource is perfect for people involved in IT- technologies, and those who are interested in books, design, magic, projecting. There are excellently developed sections of music training and fitness. Also a lot of popular materials for foreign languages  studying??. A lot of educational and reference books on medicine and engineering. Tracker is positioning itself as a “family “, so there is a tolerant community and a good atmosphere and calm content.

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  1. Tavinder /

    I’m looking for the invite !!

    • admin /

      Bitspyder invites available in the stock. Just send a request.

  2. yada /

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  3. Boyce Teoh /

    Hi, Can I exchange TP invites for a Bitspyder invite. I have a few invites.

  4. Leon Yuen /

    Would like to purchase a buffered account:

    What is the account’s ratio for upload and download?

  5. John /

    Want to buy a Bitspyder account

  6. George /

    About buffered account:

    How many GBs is uploaded?
    What is the account’s ratio?


  7. earumut /

    would like to purchase an invite

  8. Muthu /

    this is a request for an invite to bitspyder account.Would like to purchase it.

  9. shabbeer /

    Request to provide an account for


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