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Screenshots: / Post-hardcore / posthardcore – is a closed Russian site grouping people who respect the musical genre of post-hardcore, which has received widespread among today’s youth.

Post-hardcore – is a style of rock music which has received a quite recent development, it is kind of music with alternation of clean vocals and screams, accompanied by strong incentives, and often generating extremal effect. Post-hardcore usually characterized by a clear rhythm and heavy instrumental accompaniment, based on guitars, combined with clean vocals and screaming.

The site has a musical archives, where you can find and download the albums of various groups of the style. Here are some of the brightest representatives of the genre: Asking Alexandria, Confide, Memphis May Fire, Sleeping With Sirens, Greeley Estates, Pierce The Veil, BlessTheFall, Of Mice & Men. Besides the collections of music, the site contains other sections where you can view video clips and listen to the radio, to know the history and background of the bands of the genre.

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