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TehConnection is a private music tracker which is ratio based. The tracker has a great collection of films of all genres^ detective, adventure, comedy, biography, romance, sports, history, horror and so on. Torrents include actor biographies, cover art, information about creating films and more.

TehConnection.eu / TehConnection / TEH – is a great private ratio based tracker of movies direction. Often considered as a good alternative even popular PassThePopcorn tracker. The tracker contains an impressive film library of all genres, which is replenished new latest films.

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The tracker URL:  https://tehconnection.eu/

Each torrent offer is well appointed and includes cover art, actor biographies, the creators of the film and more. Currently resource offers over 33,000 torrents that are movies in every genre: adventure, detective, romance, comedy, biography, history, sports, horror, and more). Its friendly community consists of 12.000 members with a 18.000 member limit and the forum is busy place which covers a wide variety of subjects. Speeds and pretimes are more than adequate and this underdog of a tracker is one to watch and comes recommended to any movie fan.

In fact if you want to buy PTP invite but it is impossible due to high price or its absence, you may order invite to Tehconnection.eu tracker. This resource is really has almost the same base of HD movies material. And Tehconnection invite is always in the stock, cheaper then elite and hard to get PTP.

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TehConnection.eu tracker is closed


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Find this invite cheaper in our community