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Urbantrip is an on-line project in a blog form wich is not made on commertial base. This is for such known industrial tourists – stalkers, ruffers, diggers and other courage people who is crazy about finding and exploring unknown abandoned or closed places.

Urban3p.ru / Urban3p / Urbantrip / Urban – is a no commertial online project based in December 1, 2008. By itself the name is translated to English as “urban hike”. Urbantrip is invented and designed for people whose passion is finding and exploring the unknown – diggers, stalkers, divers and other enthusiasts to visit and explore abandoned places on the Earth.

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The site is organized in a thematic blog where stakeholders communicate and share their findings from unknown places of our planet, most of which are created and abandoned by people for the grace of nature. The resource contains a handy search, detailed reports with the coordinates of objects, photographs and video footage. In Urbantrip was put a model of joint creativity of people and it is, like a living organism, growing, filling with meaning and it is made so by the people that shared a common idea. And although the library website has more than 10 thousand objects, almost every day it is updated with new data, more interesting and informative.

Among the categories of the site – the institution, military installations, factories, construction sites, city, cultural buildings, dungeons and more.

Categories of the site Urban3p.ru:


By purchasing our invite or account to site Urban3p.ru you get access to a unique library, carefully collected by the project participants, which has no more analogues in the Internet.


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